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About the Book

California Innocence Project Director Describes Horrifying Real-Life Scenarios in New Book

Justin Brooks Gives Advice for the Wrongfully Accused

Pulitzer Prize winning author Ed Humes chooses “You Might Go to Prison, Even Though You’re Innocent” as a top true-crime book.


Conversation with Peter Lewis

Justin Brooks New Book About Innocence Work

Stories of Exonerations

Splashmag Review of You Might Go to Prison

CBS New Book Explores How Someone Could Get Caught Up in the System

About the Author

California Innocence Project: The Man Who Helps People on Death Row

Anyone can be wrongfully convicted': Founder of California Innocence Project speaks at the Ath

El abogado Justin Brooks explica por qué aceptó el caso 'brutal' de Brian Banks

Quién es Justin Brooks, el hombre que logró liberar a 35 inocentes condenados a pena de muerte o

Justin Brooks, el abogado que liberó a 35 personas inocentes de la pena de muerte o cadenaperpetua

How a Chicago Murder Conviction Inspired the California Innocence Project


Justin Brooks talks about Wrongful Convictions

Local Lawyer Defended Football Star Falsely Accused of Rape

March for the Innocent Begins 600 Mile Trek from San Diego to Sacramento

The Innocence Project Wants to Help Wrongly Accused

Justin Brooks, el hombre que ayudó a liberar a 35 personas inocentes de la pena de muerte o la cadena perpetua

About the Cases


California Innocence Project Frees Another Client

California Innocence Project Wins Four Clemency Cases

Corona Woman Found Guilty 15 Years Ago Will not be Retried

Red Carpet Premiere of “Brian Banks” movie.

Los Angeles Man Exonerated After 7 Years in Prison


Banks Holds No Resentment for Wrongful Conviction

Quintin Morris Becomes 6th Member Of 'California 12' To Be Released From Prison


Prisoner to be Released After 18 Years for Bank Robbery


Longest Serving Wrongfully Convicted Man Finally Free

Wrongly Convicted Get Help From Innocence Project

CA Supreme Court Tosses Kim Long Conviction

Brian Banks Tells the Powerful Story of a Man Falsely Accused of Rape

Michael Hanline Wrongly Convicted in 1987 Killing, Freed

Judge Declares Ex-Prisoner Factually Innocent of Murder

Man Acquitted After 19 Years of Murder of Married Lover; Husband and Nephew Charged

Wrongly Convicted California Man to be Freed After 36 Years in Prison for Murder

Man Wrongly Convicted of Teen’s Midday Rape Serves 8 Years

William Richards released from prison after 23 years for murder he didn't commit

Rape conviction thrown out after 16 years as new DNA evidence emerges


Exonerated California man restarts life, dreams of playing in NFL


Cleared Of Rape Conviction, California Man Aims To 'Move On Strong'

Man Serves 20 Years in After Wrongful Conviction in Toddler’s Death

From a prison cell to the football field: Exonerated Brian Banks signs with Atlanta Falcons

Moment Michael Hanline Eats a Burger After 36 years in Prison

Former Rising Football Star Exonerated in Rape Case

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