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Marilyn Mulero

Years served: 27

County of Conviction

Cook, Illinois

Convicted of

First Degree Murder


Death, Commuted to Life Without Parole


April 8, 2020

Marilyn Mulero was convicted of murder and conspiracy to murder based on a coerced confession by disgraced detectives, who have now been linked to dozens of wrongful convictions, and a failure to investigate her case by her trial counsel. In fact, her trial counsel entered a plea of guilty, after doing little to no investigation, that led to a death sentence without a trial.  The physical evidence, and multiple admissions, by one of Marilyn’s co-defendants, made clear that the co-defendant shot and killed both victims.  

In 2020, the Governor of Illinois granted clemency to Marilyn, and she was released from prison.  In 2022, her case was dismissed, and she was fully exonerated.  She became the 190th person to be exonerated after a death sentence in in the United States.  Marilyn spent 27 years in prison for a crime she did not commit.  For more information about her case go to:

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