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John Stoll.png

John Stoll

Years served: 20

County of Conviction


Convicted of

17 Counts of Child Molestation


40 Years


May 4, 2004

John Stoll was convicted of child molestation in one of several infamous Kern County California false sex ring prosecutions during the mid-1980’s. He was convicted solely on the testimony of six boys, ages seven to nine. There was no physical evidence presented at trial.  When contacted by the California Innocence Project and the Northern California Innocence Project the boys recanted their trial testimony and explained that they were pressured into lying at trial.  There were also improper techniques used in questioning the boys that led to statements of molestation that were factually impossible.  John’s conviction was reversed based on the recantations and evidence undermining the trial evidence.  He spent 20 years in prison for crimes he did not commit.  For more information about John’s case go to:

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