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Guy Miles

Years served: 18

County of Conviction


Convicted of



75 Years to Life


June 20, 2017

Guy Miles was convicted of robbing a savings and loan in Orange County, California even though he had never been to Orange County and nine witnesses put him in Nevada at the time of the crime. His conviction was based on a highly suggestive photo array used in a cross-racial identification process. 


The California Innocence Project found the three men who committed the crime and they all admitted Guy had nothing to do with it.  In 2017, Guy’s conviction was reversed, but the Orange County Prosecutor’s Office pursued a retrial that would have left him in jail throughout the proceedings, and with the possibility another jury could wrongfully convict him.  His other alternative was to plead guilty under People v. West, which allowed him to plead without admitting guilt, and get released for time served. Guy plead and was released after 18 years of wrongful incarceration.  To learn more about Guy’s case go to:

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